Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire

  • Diameter Range (mm): a: 1-10 b: 3-16
  • Temli Class(C): 130 155 180, 200, 220
  • Product standard: IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB
  • Color: natural color, red, blue, green and so on
  • Package: 30kg/50kg Wooden Bobbin or according to customer requirements

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■ Overview

Tech information form of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire:

Thermal class: B(130°C), F(155°C), H(180°C), H(+200°C), C(220°C), C+(240°C)
Rectangular size: A: 1mm-10mm b: 3mm-16mm
Product standard: IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB
Applications: compressor motors, air-conditioning motors, washing machine motor, explosion-proof motors, the motor windings sealed
Delivery time: 10 days-30days
Package: wooden spool or as your requirement

Usage of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire:
Enameled Aluminum Winding Wire is used in manufacturing ARC welding machines. it is applicable to all types of large and medium-sized electrical machinery, transformer , generator, electrical motor windings, exhaust fan, Air-conditioner, washing-machine, compressor, deflection yoke etc.

Product types of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire:

1. Thermal class:130, 155, 180, 200, 220 degree
1) Polyester enameled aluminum wire, class 130
2) Modified polyester enameled aluminum wire, class 155
3) Polyesterimide enameled aluminum wire, class 180
4) Polyester (imide) coated with polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire, class 200
5) Polyimide enameled aluminum wire, class 220

■ Benefit

The advantages of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire

a. Compared with the copper enameled wire, enameled aluminum wire is easier to winding, also there is a solid oxide film on the surface of enameled aluminum wire, which make it has a good insulating effect, a long life.
b. Due to the good insulating effect of aluminum film layer, its heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than the copper wire;
c. The greatest benefit of using aluminum is that it is 1 / 3 lighter than copper which significantly lower the production costs, second it can attach to the solids easily, and third it can also reduce the freight and transportation during the operation.

■ Specifications
Enameled Type Polyester Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide Polyamide-imide/Modified Polyester Polyester-imide
Products type PEW/155





Temp Class 155 180 200 220
Insulation Grade Grade1/Grade2 Grade1/Grade2 Grade1/Grade2 Grade1/Grade2
Standard IEC,NEMA,JIS,GB or according to customer requirements
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