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Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire

Polyvinyl Acetal coated magnet wire/winding wire:

Round, Square and Rectangular Type,Please consult Magnet Wire Marketing for additional size (including metric) and build information. Other Name:Polyvinyl Acetal Enameled Wire ,Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire,Formvar heavy enameled wire; Conductors一Copper and Aluminum Themperature class 105 and 120, Some defects on Formvar film insulation including the poor moisture resistance, low temperature of thermal softening breakdown, durable benzene - alcohol mixed solvent properties and so on.

Enameled Type
Model: QQ-XX/105 QQ-xx/120
Temp Class: 105C 120C
Standard: GB, NEMA, IEC
Package PT-30 PT-60,PT-90,PT-200,50KG 150kg wooden Spool or according to customers’ requirements

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