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Nomex Paper Covered Wire

Nomex Paper Covered Magnet Wire (220° C)

Nomex Paper Covered Magnet Wire is the winding wire and its conductor is made of oxygen-free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod ,through a certain specification of the extrusion mould or after drawing wire and annealing treatment,and then the copper (aluminum) conductor is wrapped on two or more than two layers of insulating paper (including telephone paper, cable paper, high voltage cable paper, turn-to-turn insulation paper). Nomex Paper is one kinds of a paper insulation for magnet wire the standard thermal class is 220° C. Nomex Paper Covered Magnet Wire may be impregnated with oil, chlorinated bi-phenyl, or silicone. Nomex paper has excellent tear resistance and is resistant to damage during winding.


Round: 2.0-7.0mm ;12-2 AWG Flat:a:1-10mm;b:3-35mm Standards:NEMA MW 33-C; Square and Rectangular: NEMA MW 33-C and Other Specification

Application of Nomex Paper Covered Magnet Wire

Mobile Transformer,Traction Transfomers,Pole-mounted distribution transformers,Power substantions,rectifiers,oil-immersed transfomer coil winding

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