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Ultra Fine Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire

Ultra Fine Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire Characteristics


High cubage ratio creates possibility of smaller and lighter electronic coils or electric motors. High conductor density in unit area, small size coil can reach high electricity efficiency. Outstanding better radiation performance and electromagnetic effects compared with round copper wires.


Unique advantage of Fine Rectangular Enamelled Copper Wire


Thickness:The least conductor thickness reach 0.025mm(AWG22); Based on unique innovation on process technics and technology, the ultra-fine rectangular enameled copper wire obtains unparalleled mechanical and electrical performance, the thermal class reach 220℃.

Enameled Type Polyamide-imide polyester-imide /Polyamide-imide
Type EI/AIW/200 EIW(EI/AIW)220
Temp Class 200 220
Conductor Copper Copper
Size(mm) a:0.025-0.4 b:0.25-3.0 a:0.025-0.4 b:0.25-3.0
Standard IEC60317-0-2 IEC60317-29 IEC60317-0-2 IEC60317-29

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